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B3 NC Non-Innovations Waiver Services

B3 NC Non-Innovations Waiver Services

Publication Date: July 28, 2015

B3 Innovations Services Codes

Assistive Technology Equipment and Supplies: T2029 U4

Behavioral Consult: T2025 HO U4 Community Guide – Monthly: T2041 U4

Community Guide – Periodic: T2041 U1 U4 Community Networking – Group: H2015 HQ U4

Community Networking – Individual: H2015 U4 Community Networking – Class and Conference: H2015 U1 U4

Community Networking – Transportation: H2015 U2 U4

Community Transition: T2038 U4

Crisis Services – Primary Response: H2011 U4

Crisis Services – Out of Home: T2034 U4

Day Supports – Group: T2021 HQ U4

Day Supports – Individual: T2021 U4

Developmental Day: T2027 U4

Home Modifications: S5165 U4

In-Home Intensive Supports: T1015 TD U4

In-Home Skill Building – Individual: T2013 U4

In-Home Skill Building – Group: T2013 HQ U4

Natural Supports Education – Individual: S5110 U4

Natural Supports Education – Conference: S5111 U4

Personal Care Services: S5125 U4 Residential Support Level 1: H2016 U4

Residential Support Level 2: T2014 U4 Residential Support Level 3: T2020 U4

Residential Support Level 4: H2016 HI U4 Respite – Individual: S5150 U4

Respite – Group: S5150 HQ U4 Respite – Facility: S5150 US U4

Respite – Nursing LPN: T1005 TE U4

Respite – Nursing RN: T1005 TD U4

Specialized Consultative Services: T2025 U4

Specialized Consultative Services – BCBA: T2025 HO U4

Supported Employment – Group: H2025 HQ U4

Supported Employment – Individual: H2025 U4

Vehicle Modifications: T2039 U4

Information submitted by the Network Operations Department of Sandhills Center