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Health Matters Newsletter

Health Matters Newsletter

The overall well-being of our members is important to Sandhills Center. To assist our network providers, we have developed a newsletter that focuses on topics related to physical health and wellness. Health Matters is a monthly publication. We hope our providers will find it helpful in their efforts to improve and maintain good health within our communities.

Health Matters October 2023 (Early Childhood Health and Development) - PDF

Health Matters September 2023 (Obesity and Maintaining a Healthy BMI) - PDF

Health Matters August 2023 (Managing Stress) - PDF

Health Matters July 2023 (Substance Use Disorder in Pregnancy) - PDF

Health Matters June 2023 (Infant Mortality) - PDF

Health Matters May 2023 (Low Birth Weight) - PDF

Health Matters April 2023 (Smoking Cessation) - PDF

Health Matters March 2023 (Asthma) - PDF

Health Matters February 2023 (Congestive Heart Failure) - PDF

Health Matters January 2023 (Hypertension in Children and Adolescents) - PDF

Health Matters December 2022 (Opioid Use) - PDF

Health Matters November 2022 (Diabetes in Children and Adolescents) - PDF