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How to Find a Provider

How to Find a Provider

The Sandhills Center Tailored Plan knows it is important to have an up-to-date, web-based Provider Directory. We want you to be able to search for and choose the provider that is right for you. 

Access the Sandhills Center Provider Directory

The Provider Directory lets you search by provider type, language, and specialty areas of practice. You can search for providers near where you live. You can search by the clinician's name and gender. The Provider Directory also has accreditation listings. Provider service sites are listed in the Provider Directory. Detailed instructions show you how to search, view and print.

We want the Provider Directory to be easy to use. Our goal is to keep it as a trusted resource to help you make good choices about your treatment.   

Need help with the Provider Directory or want to ask for paper copies? Call Member & Recipient Services : 1-800-256-2452 (TTY: 1-866-518-6778).

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