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Provider Grievances and Appeals

Provider Grievances and Appeals

Sandhills Center has developed a new Provider Grievances and Appeals system that can be utilized by Sandhills Center providers and community stakeholders who wish to submit a complaint/concern about another contracted provider or a Sandhills Center staff member or department. 

The Sandhills Center Provider Grievances and Appeals system can be found here

Additionally, providers who wish to appeal a grievance resolution or adverse action taken by Sandhills Center can submit appeal requests within thirty (30) calendar days of the notification by Sandhills Center.  An appeal extension of an additional thirty (30) calendar days can also be granted to Sandhills Center providers if good cause criteria are met.  Good cause rationale could include but is not limited to the following:

Sandhills Center’s expectation is to resolve all accepted provider grievances and appeals within thirty (30) calendar days of submission. 

An instructional presentation is available regarding provider grievances and appeals, as well as navigating the new Sandhills Center Provider Grievance and Appeals system. - PDF

See Sandhills Center’s Provider Grievances & Appeals presentation for Medicaid Direct - PDF

Do you have questions regarding Provider Grievances and Appeals? Contact the Sandhills Center Provider Help Desk at 1-855-777-4652.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Sandhills Center Provider Grievance and Appeals system is different than the process for grievances/complaints made by NC Medicaid Members or Recipients of State-Funded services. For more information, go to one of these links or call us:

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