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Provider Support Portal

The Provider Support Portal is a web-based one-stop-shop for your support needs with the Sandhills Center Tailored Plan, NC Medicaid Direct and the Alpha+ system, in particular.

Within the Provider Support Portal, you can ask for help with all aspects of the Alpha+ system, as well as set up accounts and get answers to questions regarding EDI, claims submissions, and other general topics. FAQ documents are posted regularly on the Provider Support Portal for common needs and ongoing projects.  

The Provider Support Portal is available for providers to submit service authorization requests, upload crisis plans, submit billing, review claims status, and submit provider grievances.

The Provider Support Portal requires the use of a personal computer and a high-speed internet connection.


Alpha+ portal log-in 

New Alpha+ and Sandhills Center Provider Support Portal Notice - PDF  [link coming soon]

Sandhills Center Provider Support Portal Guide - PDF [link coming soon] The Support Portal Guide is a .pdf file that will help you navigate creating an account. Please note that the Support Portal is secure, and protected health information can be entered into tickets submitted. Please also note that users will be notified via the email used for sign-up when a response is added to a ticket, but the user will need to log in to the portal to read the response in order to keep information secure.  

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