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Sandhills Center extends rate increases for specific services

Sandhills Center extends rate increases for specific services

Publication Date: September 28, 2022

Sandhills Center announced today a permanent extension of the COVID-19 rate enhancements that have been in place since the pandemic began to spread throughout the region. Prior to today’s announcement, the rate increases for specific services were announced on a quarterly basis and were intended to be temporary.

Because they have been available since April 2020, removing or decreasing the rate enhancements could lead to provider instability at a time when Sandhills Center is working to expand and strengthen the provider network in preparation for the Tailored Plan launch. Additionally, the virus has persistently produced variants that show no signs of ending soon. Providers likely will continue to have increased expenses and challenges with maintaining staffing levels. Therefore, it is expected that they will need the additional revenue from these enhanced rates.

As a reminder, these residential and other service offerings will maintain 15 percent rate increases:

In addition, Sandhills Center will continue 5 percent rate increases for all other Medicaid services. Enhanced $50.02 per-person/per-day reimbursement rates to community-based Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities also will be maintained, utilizing funding initially directed by the North Carolina General Assembly. Because ICF services provided through state-operated facilities have an alternative reimbursement arrangement, they are not subject to the funding extension announced today by Sandhills Center.

“Sandhills Center appreciates the support to our members that the provider network has demonstrated both before and during the pandemic,” said Sandhills Center CEO Victoria Whitt. “A continued focus on meeting the needs of those served is a key element as we collectively make the transition to the Tailored Plan environment.”