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Sandhills Center extends rate increases for specific services through September 30, 2022

Sandhills Center extends rate increases for specific services through September 30, 2022

Publication Date: June 28, 2022

Sandhills Center announced today another extension of the COVID-19 rate enhancements that have been in place since the spring of 2020, when the pandemic began to spread throughout the region. The temporary reimbursement rate enhancements for specific services will continue for dates of service through September 30, 2022.

These residential and other service offerings will maintain 15 percent rate increases through September 30, 2022:

In addition, Sandhills Center will continue 5 percent rate increases for all other Medicaid services through September 30, 2022. Enhanced $50.02 per-person/per-day reimbursement rates to community-based Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities also will be maintained, utilizing funding initially directed by the North Carolina General Assembly. Because ICF services provided through state-operated facilities have an alternative reimbursement arrangement, they are not subject to the funding extension announced today by Sandhills Center.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, Sandhills Center has considered keeping these temporary rate increases in place based on available funding. Over time, some funding has been reduced, with other reductions scheduled to end by July 2022. Due to this uncertainty, and to offer sufficient notice to the provider network, Sandhills Center decided to continue the rate enhancements through the end of September. As has been the practice for more than two years, Sandhills Center will consider the effects of COVID-19 on the region, as well as the availability of continued funding, to determine any possible extensions past September.

Sandhills Center understands the impact that this additional funding has on our network providers’ ability to attract and retain quality staff, a key component in delivering high-quality services to members and families in our communities. Sandhills Center will proceed with the practice of further reviewing provider reimbursement rates and making upward adjustments whenever possible and appropriate.