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Sandhills Center launches Access2Care behavioral health screening resources

Sandhills Center launches Access2Care behavioral health screening resources

Publication Date: November 09, 2016

Sandhills Center is pleased to announce that it has launched Access2Care, an evidence-based screening tool to help people who may suspect that they are experiencing behavioral health conditions.

The Access2Care screening program is designed to provide access to anonymous and confidential online self-screenings, educational resources and referral information in both English and Spanish. The online resources are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Two of the main features of Access2Care include:

Residents can participate in Access2Care screenings (for themselves or someone they know) for the following behavioral health conditions:

The Access2Care website is available to all residents living in the nine-county area. Sandhills Center is proud to partner with local organizations to offer privacy kiosks at these locations:

The screenings provide immediate feedback and access to important referral information. Results can be printed, or information can be sent via e-mail. A link to Sandhills Center’s directory of network providers is available for treatment and support resources. It takes about four minutes to complete a screening. For those who seek help, those few minutes can make a big difference in charting a path to recovery. The Access2Care program affirms Sandhills Center’s commitment to improving access to behavioral health information and treatment to the citizens of Anson, Guilford, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Randolph and Richmond counties.